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I’ve been a professional guitar tutor for over 30 years (go on say it - I don’t look old enough!). Based in Sunderland I teach both electric and acoustic guitar from absolute beginners onward. The current age-range of my present pupils is wide - the youngest being fourteen and the oldest in his mid-Sixties, so age is no barrier! A wide variety of styles can be taught - and I strongly believe that pupils make more progress if they are playing music that they actually enjoy. I aim to keep everything taught in a musical context, so there is no irrelevant theory, unless of course that's what you want!


For electric guitar I have recorded many backing tracks for pupils to take home and practice over. Whether you are trying to find your way around the blues scale, the modes or just aiming to play a favourite song  I find that a backing track helps immensely. For my acoustic based tuition I can record parts of a tune slowly to aid understanding. Everything taught in a lesson is written out and examples are given on a CD, USB memory stick and can also be emailed to you.


I try to take into account a pupils ambition, you may just want to strum or fingerpick a few songs or instrumentals, you may need some help with improvising or perhaps writing and recording guitar parts, or you may be aiming for greatness! My aim is to help you progress far quicker that you believed you could. Also, If you have a limited time to practice I can work with you to make this time as productive as possible.


You will progress far quicker with one to one tuition and I would like to think that lessons are easy-going and stress-free. The current hourly fee is  £18 per hour.


Tuition can be taken a number of ways;


Regular lessons


I believe that this is the best way to progress quickly. All lessons are based on pieces of music – even if a new technique is being learned, I find it far more interesting for the student if a tune is used that features the new technique rather than solely doing exercises.

I’ll always have something planned to teach – but if a pupil has something specific that they wish to learn that’s no problem.

Fees are paid at the end of each lesson (I take no money in advance).


Casual Lessons


I teach quite a few self-employed and shift workers on weekdays. As they can’t commit to a regular slot they book lessons “ad-hoc”. I do also keep a couple of peak time hours a week free for casual lessons. "One off" lessons can also be arranged for players who perhaps only wish to learn a particular tune or to dip their toe into the world of guitar.





I can transcribe (write out!) tunes in tablature. If you have something that you wish to play, but can’t find accurate tab please contact me for a quote.

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